Thursday, May 12, 2011


English Tenses – Overview
Table of English Tenses
Diagram of all Tenses
Example Sentences for all Tenses
English Tenses Active
Pool of Exercises
Irregular Verbs
Simple Present (Present Simple)
Present Progressive / Continuous
Simple Past (Past Simple)
Past Progressive / Continuous
Present Perfect Simple
Present Perfect Progressive / Continuous
Past Perfect Simple
Past Perfect Progressive / Continuous
Future I Simple (will)
Future I Simple (going to)
Future I Progressive / Continuous
Future II Simple
Future II Progressive / Continuous
Conditional and Subjunctive
Conditional I Simple
Conditional I Progressive / Continuous
Conditional II Simple
Conditional II Progressive / Continuous
All other Grammar Topics
Adjectives, Adverbs (Formation, Comparison)
Auxiliary Verbs
Modal Verbs
If-Clauses (Conditional Clauses/Sentences)
Infinitive, Gerund
Nouns (incl. Articles, Plural and Possessive Forms)
Passive Voice
Phrasal Verbs
Question Tags
Relative Clauses
Reported Speech
Short Answers
Word Order (Sentence Structure)
Confusing Tenses
Simple Present – Present Progressive
Simple Present – Present Perfect Progressive
Present Perfect Simple – Present Perfect Progressive
Simple Past – Past Progressive
Simple Past – Present Perfect Simple
Simple Past – Past Perfect Simple
Future Mix (going to, will, Simple Present, Present Progressive)

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